The Nail LAB was established in 2012 in the UK, where owner Lauren originates. Having trained and qualified in nails, the UK. Lauren relocated to her partners' native Australia and settled on the Gold Coast in January 2016, opening the Nail LAB in September 2016.


Lauren has won multiple awards in national nail competitions, has manicured nails on campaigns for brands such as H&M, Guess Watches, and Scholl. Lauren is a master educator for worldwide nail brand Hand & Nail Harmony, traveling nationally to teach other nail technicians. Lauren travels nationally and internationally and regularly attends further training herself; like all other industries, the nail industry is ever-changing and evolving, with techniques, methods, and technology improving.

Lauren says, "If I don't use a product on myself, I certainly will not use it in the salon or on my clients, which is why I use all Hand and Nail Harmony products or footlogix pedicure range. I initially trained with the Nail Harmony brand back in 2011 in the UK, and have never needed to use anything else. They are innovators of the industry and have a product for every type of nail".


Everyone's nails are different; what may suit one person may not suit you, which is why there are so many variations of nail treatments around such as Acrylic, Hard Gel, the new PolyGel for extensions, and dipping systems, Gel polish, and nail polish for natural nails. We have to assess your nails to see what fits you and your lifestyle. You are not a number, your a client! All clients receive a personal consult and nail assessment to ensure you are getting the right treatment that suits you!

Unfortunately, the nail and beauty industry in Australia is not regulated by the Government, which means anyone can open a salon and claim to do nails without a formal qualification. This is a scary thing, considering all nail treatments involve using chemicals on the nails that are in close proximity to the skin. Dual care and attention is required to ensure clients are not overexposed to these chemicals and develop sensitivities and allergies (i.e., minimal skin contact). Full knowledge and understanding about hand and nail anatomy are also highly crucial as so much damage can be caused to the nails. Products don't damage; people do damage whether it's your nail techs nail preparation, over filing, or removing, forcing, and prying the product off the natural nail. Or clients not looking after their nails using them as tools, picking, biting or pulling them off, or continually knocking them, each cause damage to nails, and not upkeeping with regular maintenance can cause just as much damage. We promise to look after your nails and give you the knowledge to look after them too.    


nail tech gold coast
nail tech gold coast