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As a professional, high quality nail salon we believe in using one brand rather then mixing brands.  It is our duty of care as industry specialists to ensure you and our clients receive high quality, safe treatments, that are done correctly, ensuring they are used as per the manufacturers directions and our training. Our brand of choice is American created and owned brand Hand & Nail Harmony, their range includes Prohesion Acrylics, Gelish PolyGel, Gelish Dip, Gelish Gel Polish and Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer line. Hand & Nail Harmony (or Nail Harmony for short) are one of only a handful of nail brands worldwide whose products are developed, tested, marketed and mass produced in house. A lot of other brands develop and mass produce their products in China, which can lead to quality control issues.


The thing to remember here is all nail products whether it's "just a polish", a gel or an acrylic you are getting applied, are chemicals being applied to your body. Chemicals if used incorrectly can cause adverse reactions, such as the wearer becoming sensitive or allergic to the products. Once a sensitivity or allergy develops it cannot be reversed unfortunately.


By using a brand as a whole i.e. for Acrylic nails using the same brand liquid monomer with the same brand powder, full brand gel polish system i.e. base coat, colour, topcoat and uv/LED lamp, and even the full range of polish basecoat, colour and topcoat we ensure the products are compatible and designed to work together ensuring the products will NOT breakdown whilst wearing. Also by using a brand as a whole it ensures the products are fully cured, so clients will not be exposed to under cured products which can and will eventually result in sensitives and allergies if clients are continually exposed to under cured products.

We have unfortunately come across salons that will mix their acrylic system and/or their  gel polish brands, whilst they may still be good quality brands they will for example use Shellac base coat (Shellac is a brand of Gel Polish by CND) with a Gelish Gel Polish Colour and another brand topcoat and even a completely different brand of UV nail lamp. This is referred to as mixing systems the problem is the ingredient content, the amount of each ingredient and the quality of ingredients will differ between each brand. Each brand will have their own brand of UV/LED lamp tested and designed to ensure the gels are fully cured, by mixing brands and using different brand lamps to the gels being used, nail technicians run the risk of exposing not only the client, to under cured products, but themselves too. There is also no such thing as a universal UV/LED lamp or universal monomer.


Unfortunately under cured products mostly cannot be seen by the naked eye, when a gel goes into a UV/LED lamp the ultra violet light begins to polymerize (cure) the gels. A gel can hardened at 50% polymerization but is still in fact uncured. Gels can only be classed as cured if polymerization is at 90% or above, which is why it is always important to see a salon/tech that uses a brand system as a whole.